Awang Dennis - Tyler's herbs of choice

Author : Awang Dennis V. C.
Title : Tyler's herbs of choice The therapeutic use of phytomedicinals
Year : 2009

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Foreword. The growth in consumer use of herbal preparations for health-related purposes has generated continuing pressure on educational institutions to train conventional health practitioners in this burgeoning area. Now, more than ever before, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, dietitians, and other professionals are being confronted with situations in which their clients are using a wider variety of dietary supplements for an increasing range of health conditions. Unfortunately, these health professionals often lack adequate training and skills required to assess the overall safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements properly. Although varied and numerous print and electronic resources are available to help guide health care practitioners in understanding the applications of many herbal and other dietary supplements, there is still a need for basic instruction in this area. In my own experience at the American Botanical Council (ABC, a nonprofit herbal education organization), the many pharmacy student interns who come for six-week clinical rotations as part of their fulfillment of the requirements to complete training to become a doctor of pharmacy have no formal training in herbs, phytomedicines, or related subjects. This is certainly also true of the dietitian interns who participate in much shorter, two-week rotations. Would that they had read and studied this book as part of their professional education! Their patients would benefit greatly from their enhanced basic understanding of the role that herbs and phytomedicinal products can play in both self-care and health care. Health professionals, particularly pharmacy and medical students, will find that this book is one of the most authoritative introductions to herbs and phytomedicines available in the English language. It is particularly useful as an introductory training manual. What makes Tyler’s Herbs of Choice so authoritative and reliable is its initial author, the late Professor Varro E. Tyler, a true giant in the field of pharmacognosy and pharmacy education. Its authority is also supported by the two authors who revised the subsequent editions. ...

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