Bates William Horatio - Better eyesight without glasses

Author : Bates William Horatio
Title : Better eyesight without glasses
Year : *

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A Doctor speaks out. Dr. William H. Bates began his practice believing what he had been taught: most common eye disorders were permanent, and yielded to no treatment. Years of practice, during which he treated thousands of men, women and children, convinced Dr. Bates that this was not correct. He developed methods of eye exercise; mental relaxation, focusing techniques and other aids that often achieved amazing success in working cures where none were thought possible. Better eyesight without glasses shows how you can help improve your vision painlessly and often amazingly swiftly. It is a book that can change your life, as it has changed the lives of countless others, by helping restore to you one of nature's most precious gifts-clear, unclouded sight. ...

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