Bigon Mario - Regazzoni Guido - The Morrow guide to knots

Authors : Bigon Mario - Regazzoni Guido
Title : The Morrow guide to knots For sailing, fishing, camping, climbing
Year : 1981

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The aim of this handbook is basically instructive, so we have concentrated on two specific aspects:. illustrations and terminology. We consider il lustrations to be the simplest and most immediate way of explaining how a knot is tied, so we have filmed every step and arranged the photographs in a logical sequence, showing each stage from the viewpoint of the person tying t he knot. You need on ly take a length of rope and follow the photographs step by step to find that you have the completed knot in your hand. The terminology used has been subordinated to the illustrations and, with the exception of a few concessions to the art of seamanship, has been kept as simple as possible. All you need remember is that working means tighten ing and shaping and that a turn is one round of a rope to be able to understand the book fully. For the terms end and standing part, refer to the ill ustrations. The end (2) is the termination of the rope or the free part towards the termination of the rope with which the knot is tied ; t he standing part ( 1 ) is the part which is not actively used in making the knot and around which the knot is tied by the end. The slack part of the rope between the end and the standing part is the bight, especially when it forms a loop or a semicircle as at point 3 of the illustration. ...

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