Bravo Eddie - Mastering the rubber guard

Authors : Bravo Eddie - Krauss Erich - Cordoza Glen
Title : Mastering the rubber guard Jiu Jitsu for mixed martial arts competition
Year : 2006

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Welcome to the Bas Rutten Mixed Martial Arts Workout ! Boy, are you going to love this, or wait a minute, maybe not. Either way, if you do the workout you will get in perfect shape ! The whole idea actually started because I was sick of jumping rope and I wanted a different warm up - a real warm up that would make me tired and was useful to me for my fighting. I came up with the idea of putting my own voice on a tape that was telling me what to do. When I did this warm up tape a few times, I discovered that I really liked it and from that moment on I started to rewind the tape a couple of times and made it a workout. The 1st tape that I had was only punching and kicking and had only three rounds of two minutes on it. Then I started to think about it and soon I added more combinations, sprawling, sticking the legs out on the ground and even push-ups to it. (I demonstrate this on the video tape that goes together with this workout). I also made a boxing tape and those two tapes were it ! The tapes became perfect for me for when I had no training partner or when I didn't want to go out and train in a gym, but still wanted to have a good work - out. Also a thing that I always used to do in my attic was to combine power exercises with shadow boxing. This way I became not only stronger but my stamina would improve too. PLUS, this is how it goes in a real MMA fight. There is not only striking and wrestling, everything is COMBINED! Normally, I would do this with a timer next to me, but now I specially made a tape from it too so that everybody who does the tape doesn't have to pay attention to the time and can concentrate 100% on the workout. Every time a fighter comes to train with me, I introduce him to the warm up and trainings tape. They all always freak out and say that it is the best thing they have ever done, and all of them ask me for a copy of the workout. I am not talking about just "some" fighters either. No, I am talking about: Marco Ruas, Pedro Rizzo, Peter Aerts, Mark Kerr, Tedd Williams, Ian Freeman, Duane Ludwig, Amir Rahnavardi and all the other fighters that come to train at the Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club from allover the world. The new tapes that I made a far more advanced then the old ones that we use to train on and since that I am retired from fighting, I thought that it was time to introduce this workout to the rest of the Martial Arts community ! I am sure that you are going to love them because it is not "just a workout." ...

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