Cavanagh Danny - Willis Carol - Everyday Ayurveda

Authors : Cavanagh Danny - Willis Carol
Title : Everyday Ayurveda A practical guide to healthy living Discover the ancient Ayurvedic secrets of balancing the mind and body for health, happiness and fulfilment
Year : 2004

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About the Authors. Danny Cavanagh and Carol Willis began their study of Ayurveda in the late 1980s and trained as Ayurvedic Panchakarma Technicians at the Maharishi University of Valkenburg in Holland in 1993. Since that time they have also studied with the renowned Dr Vacant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico and Dr David Frawley and Atreya Smith at the American and European Institute of Ayurveda. The subjects they have studied include pulse reading, Ayurvedic herbology, Ayurvedic diet and nutrition and Marma therapy. They gave up their careers as Nature Reserve Warden and Photographer respectively and decided to dedicate their lives to passing on this ancient knowledge of rejuvenation and revitalisation to others. They have run many centres across the UK and have treated thousands of clients, including many high-profile celebrities and members of the royal family. In their role as both massage therapists and personal development/stress management counsellors they have witnessed extraordinary improvements in the quality of life of many of their guests due to the power of the programs they administer. Presently they run a very exclusive Panchakarma detox and stress management service in Staffordshire where they take one client at a time and gently guide them in the Ayurvedic way of living harmoniously with their environment. Each client receives instruction in meditation, yoga and exercise and advice on diet and nutrition but the highlight of each day is often the luxurious two-hour massage and detoxification therapy they receive. Danny and Carol also offer business clients a detox retreat program in a beautiful setting in the Peak District as, amongst other things, the knowledge of body-types is an invaluable aid to understanding their colleagues’ innate strengths, weaknesses and behaviour. Learning in a group is an excellent team building exercise and helps forge and strengthen business relationships. As if their schedule isn’t busy enough, they also occasionally administer Ayurvedic detox and education retreats in Europe and the USA, travelling with their team of Ayurvedic massage technicians and custom-built treatment equipment to their client’s homes, albeit usually very large homes. Primarily, they consider themselves facilitators and maintain that, whilst they may help carry out the various massage and counselling therapies, it is the client who ultimately allows the changes to their health, emotions, behaviour and healing to take place. They are committed to spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda and spend much of their time acting as an advice service to both clients and public alike. ...

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