Choi Hong Hi - Tae Kwon Do teaching manual

Author : Choi Hong Hi
Title : Tae Kwon Do teaching manual
Year : 19**

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This book was preserved through the graciousness of WTF Master Nathan Doggett, a Kukki Taekwondo black belt instructor from Michigan, USA. Master Doggett saw fit to make an agreement to transfer the original book to Grandmaster Jung Woo Jin of Taekwondo Times, a long time special assistant to the ITF president. This will help to insure the safekeeping so that future generations of Taekwon-Do students can forever appreciate this work. Some of the credit for the culmination of the historic presentation goes to the late Grandmaster Al Cole who served as an esteemed member of the Kukkiwon International Advisory Committee. It was Master Al Cole who introduced Master Nathan Doggett before his untimely passing to Master George Vitale, Ph.D as they both served as Senior Technical Advisors to the official Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame®. Dr. Vitale was honored to have written an obituary for his fellow TKD Brother. Digital access to this piece of Taekwon-Do history is thanks to a number of individuals including WTF Grandmaster Al Cole and Master Nathan Doggett. The preservation of this extremely rare and historically valuable archival asset was made possible when an elderly Korean gentleman saw fit to present it as a gift to an American student and instructor of Korean Taekwondo, Master Nathan Doggett. It is worth noting that authorities in the military dictatorship back at the time General Choi Hong-Hi was forced to flee Korea for his safety, actually ordered the books he wrote to be destroyed. Hence there are only a few known copies still in existence today. Former Lt. Col. Kim Soo-Ryun donated his copy to the museum section at the new Taekwondowon in Muju Korea where it is presently on display. So please feel free to appropriately share this gem as you see fit. But please be honorable in crediting Master Doggett, for without him you may have never had the opportunity to even see it, never mind have a copy of it. Special thanks to Mr. Minh T. Luong of the Original Taekwon-Do Club in Brooklyn New York for the digitally enhanced restorations he graciously provided. I would also be remiss if I failed to mention the invaluable contribution of the technical computer expertise of Mr. Nick Campbell, a fellow American living in Australia. I am thankful for his generous assistance while we toured south Korea on a Taekwon-Do Tul Tour in March of 2015. The time he gave me overcame several years of my frustration in trying to make this archival publication available for free to the general public. Please feel free to utilize and share this historical gem. However please be honorable in crediting Master Doggett, the Chang Hon Foundation and others as appropriate. Dr. George Vitale, Ph.D New York City. ...

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