Clark Linda - Are you radioactive ?

Author : Clark Linda
Title : Are you radioactive ? How to protect yourself
Year : 1973

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Publisher's Preface. In Greek mythology Pandora was created by the gods as a sort of temptation for man. When she was presented to Epimetheus, it was with a box containing all the evils in the world, and an order not to open it lest they escape. Despite the warning, Pandora peeked and they did escape, never to be contained again. Only the virtue, Hope, remained in the box to console mankind for the many troubles that were henceforth to afflict him. When man split the atom in an effort to find new sources of power, he created a series of elements not found in nature. These elements--eleven of them so far-and the radio-active isotopes of already existing elements, have been released into the atmosphere by the process known as fission. They are now part of our environment.· And they are here to stay, with ecological effects-some known, but mostly unknown-on all living things, particularly man, who stands at the· end of the food chain and has for some time been accumulating them in his body. ...

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