Cran James - Blacksmith shop practice

Author : Cran James
Title : Blacksmith shop practice Arrangement and equipment Forging of hooks and chains welding
Year : 1910

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Buildings for manufacturing purposes are as a rule constructed more or less in accordance with recognized standards that have been adopted on account of their adaptability for the particular class of work they are to be used for. In plants of the larger machine-building concerns and similar industries usually all buildings are of the same general style throughout with the exception of the blacksmith or forge shop, which is often entirely different. Why this should be, no good reason is apparent from a practical point of view, as the style adopted is often less suitable for the purpose than that of the other buildings, and the result is that very often blacksmiths and forge men have of necessity to work under conditions that are anything but an incentive to the best results. Workmen, no matter what' the nature of their occupation may be, will do more and better work under pleasant and attractive conditions than they can be expected to do in a gloomy atmosphere. In this respect blacksmiths are no exception to the rule. As their art is indispensable to all other industries, a few practical suggestions that would have a tendency, if adopted, to reduce cost, increase and improve production for the employer, and bring about better conditions for the blacksmith, may not be out of place. ...

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