Domke Konrad - Light in engineering

Author : Domke Konrad
Title : Light in engineering, architecture and the environment
Year : 2011

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Preface. The light – a mysterious, weightless, almost non-material substance, that surrounds all of us, that brings the peace of the day at every dawn, that extends the space around us, making it accessible to our senses and that impacts our life, activity and esthetic sensations. The symbol of divinity, life, truth and beauty. A force that guarantees life throughout the Earth’s entire biosphere. Human civilization is a history of the man’s struggle to control and subdue light: the first camp fires, torches, cressets, candles, kerosene lamps and at the end all possible kinds of electric lamps, each one more efficient than the previous one – such are the stages of the rise of our civilization. Our efforts yield increasingly spectacular results. Our current, very efficient light sources let us disregard the rule of day and night. Not only can we freely shape our light environment, but also use the light to send information, cure ailments and enhance our esthetic sensations. The light is the key and unifying force to all the book’s sections. The light for architectural purposes, required by people indoors for work and leisure, the light that models architectural shapes from inside and outside to make them more attractive, the light in the road that makes it safe and accessible even at night, the light boosting our activity and bringing us relief in sickness and suffering. Scientist dealing with lighting technologies, architects and experts in other fields of science and art related to the use of light met in Poznañ, Poland, in 2011. The meeting was a chance for an in-depth discussion on various aspects of the use of light for all kinds of technological purposes, art, medicine and environment. New calculation methods and tools, computer aided visualization of illuminated objects, improvements in design of architectural objects and construction of lighting equipment, issues related to improvements in their operating, measurement of quantity and quality of light and efficiency matters were the meeting’s main topics. The book’s sections present the most interesting papers presented during the Conference. The First International Conference on Lighting in Engineering, Architecture and the Environment was organized as a venue to share concepts in technology, art and human arts. The marriage of the sacred and the profane seems to actually enrich both sides, rendering the works of man both better in terms of technology and their symbolism more easily understood. The Editors Poznan, 2011. ...

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