Author : Ehret Arnold
Title : The definite cure of chronic constipation also overcoming constipation naturally
Year : 1922

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Introduction. A little over twenty-two years ago the author of this booklet was declared "incurable" of Bright's Disease by orthodox medical physicians. After four years of exacting study and dangerous experimenting on his own bodyfor many times he brought himself almost to the brink of deathhe discovered the following truth: Disease is Nature's effort to rid the body of disease matters and eliminate waste from the system. No matter how desperately ill you may become, Nature continually tries to save you. The goal of evolution is quality and not quantity and the weak and degenerate are wiped out when Nature's laws are violated. Instinctively the voice of Nature comes to man in the same manner as it does to animals, " Don't eat! - rest - be quiet ! " Fortunately for those of us who are acquainted with Professor Arnold Ehret's teachings, this warning of Nature has been made clear and need no longer be unheeded by man on the plea of ignorance. ...