Emerson Clint - 100 deadly skills

Author : Emerson Clint
Title : 100 deadly skills The SEAL operative's guide to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and surviving any dangerous situation
Year : 2015

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Introduction. The state of survival isn’t what it used to be. Scroll back several hundred years, and the living was harder, but the environment was a known quantity. Though our ancestors could still be felled by illness, natural disaster, or marauding troops, they knew the lay of their land. They probably hadn’t roamed far, from birth through old age, but they understood the risks they faced, and prepared for those they could control. Too often these days we’re lulled into a false sense of security, an easy complacency born of a matrix of assumptions about the modern world. The trains run on time (or are predictably delayed), we hit the brakes at red lights, we plan adventure treks and travel freely around the globe. If anything goes wrong, we reach for the tiny computers in our pockets and find the answer we’re looking for or summon the help we need. But the same conveniences that make our lives run so smoothly - the top-of-the-line gear that is meant to make outdoor exploration even cushier, the cars that whisk us to our offices, the computers that research our queries and crunch our complex algorithms, the planes that vault us thousands of feet through the air toward our final destinations - render us soft on survival skills and vulnerable to predators. With a change of perspective, our modern conveniences start to look a lot like security loopholes. Perhaps worst of all, their convenience is a double-edged sword. Our reliance on automated, networked, “smart” devices and machines has also made us more dependent, less smart - unable to find our way around our own cities without the aid of pinging cellular towers or satellites tracking our positioning from outer space, much less make our way around in unfamiliar territory. If a catastrophic event occurs, will you have amassed the knowledge and undertaken the preparations necessary to survive? What does survival look like in a time when borders are porous and threats are varied, ever-changing, and sometimes unknowable? An increasingly global, networked society demands a new prototype for survival. A blueprint that brings us back to a core arsenal of lost skills, teaching us how to navigate a landscape devoid of street signs or satellite signals while preparing us for the newest and most up-to-date threats emerging in our urban environments - from lightning-fast pandemics to social media–enabled kidnapping scams. A new blueprint for survival understands that the line between war and peace can be fractured in an instant, not by a marauding horde but by a lone actor carrying out the delusional fantasies of a self-proclaimed world order. This blueprint understands that in order to survive such an attack, each and every citizen must be prepared to fight. And it also understands that though the natural world around us sometimes seems to have been tamed, Mother Nature still has the power to surprise and shock. ...

640 lectures

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