Experiment in the Home Cultivation of Psychedelic Mushrooms - A journal of a growing project

Author : Anonymous
Title : Experiment in the Home Cultivation of Psychedelic Mushrooms - A journal of a growing project
Year : 1995

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Introduction. The following is (more or less) an edited journal of my experience in the home cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms. When I finally decided to go ahead and try home cultivation, I found the archives to be lacking in information other than the basic "How to Grow" files. As a result, I decided to record the process with the hopes that others will find the information useful. This journal is in no way meant to be a replacement for any one of the really good books and/or methods already available. That's right. I want you to have to trudge through the libraries and Net sites, just like I did. It doesn't only put hair on your chest, it forces to learn more than the process itself. At any rate, as you read on, you'll see that my anecdotal journal is of little use other than it's intended purpose. Namely, as a rough guide to first time growers who want to know the truth about how difficult home cultivation is. So that's enough BS, here's the journal. Each entry begins with the day it was entered. (ie: 13- Blahblahblah means the event happened on the thirteenth day after inoculation.) Any additional notes added during editing will appear in square braces. If you see me using "We" and "I" interchangeably, I'm doing so because I split the costs of the project with a couple of friends, not because I have any imaginary friends. ...

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