Gambordella Ted - Seven days to self-defense

Author : Gambordella Ted (Gambordella Theodore L.)
Title : Seven days to self-defense
Year : 2001

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Introduction. Each year literally thousands of young women are attacked in the Streets of our country. Some are mugged, some beaten, some raped, And some killed. Almost all of these women have one thing in common: They do not know how to defend themselves. Perhaps with some small Self-defense training some of these women would not be helplessly attacked and thus would not be raped or killed. Certainly all of them would stand a better chance if they knew some effective, yet simple, techniques to defend against an attack. This book is a serious attempt to break down into seven easy to follow and understand lessons some basic self-defense techniques that I have found to be most effective in my ten years of teaching such a course to women across this country. One lesson a day, one step at a time, within a week you should be able to defend yourself if you just find some techniques in the book that you are comfort- able with and that you could and would execute in an actual emergency. This is, to my knowledge, the first time a book on the subject has been broken down into steps, starting with strikes and proceeding to meditation. Most other books on selfdefense just give you innumerable situations, escapes, and techniques, most of which are too lengthy and complicated to work in an actual attack situation. The techniques found in this book WILL WORK. They will stop an attacker, regardless of size. If you stick a pen into the eyes of an assailant, he is going to stop right there and scream and fall on the ground. He is not going to get mad and hurt you worse. He is disabled, and most of the techniques found in this book are disabling ones-techniques that seriously injure the attacker and prevent further attack. Rape and assault are serious and despicable crimes that should be dealt with in the most forceful and effective manner possible. Perhaps if enough women read this book and begin to use the techniques found in it, then the word may begin to spread to would- be attackers that they no longer have an easy target and that women can and will defend themselves. Then they might stop their assaults and rapes, and the streets will be safe to walk again. TED GAMBORDELLA. ...

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