Holmes Ernest - The science of mind

Author : Holmes Ernest
Title : The science of mind The complete edition Features the origjnal 1926 and expanded 1938 volumes of the beloved classic - published together for the first time
Year : 1938

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Foreword. It is a tremendous boon to have both the 1926 and the 1938 versions of The Science of Mind in one complete edition and available to current and future students and explorers of this lifetransforming spiritual philosophy. The more familiar 1938 edition, what many affectionately call “the textbook,” has been a deeply loved and cherished agent of awakening and learning for people around the world for the past seventy-two years. It was this book that first opened me to an awareness of the Allness of God, my oneness with Life, and the holiness/wholeness of my own being. It was through these pages that I learned that my thoughts are creative, that I attract what is like my thinking, and that I alone— and no one else— set the limit to my demonstrations of good or expand beyond them. It was in this book that I found a spiritual approach to the challenges of daily living, along with the realization that who I am in God, and what God is in me, are greater than anything I am going through. Here I discovered that I am on earth to walk a path of successive realizations toward full expression of the God-being I have always been. As I look at the underlining and marginal notes I made as a beginning student, I remember the amazement I felt as I read for the first time, on page after page, the articulation of what I believed about God and Life. I thought I was the only one who thought this way! It was wonderful to realize that there was an entire spiritual philosophy and practice for living these spiritual ideas. Through years of ministry, I have turned to the text for speaking and teaching themes, meditations, illustrations, readings, quotations, and metaphysical Bible interpretations. My book became so well used a number of years ago that students of mine had it re-bound for me. Through time the text stands at the center of my spiritual life and work. ...

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