Hyman Mark - The eat fat, get thin cookbook

Auteur : Hyman Mark
Ouvrage : The eat fat, get thin cookbook More than 175 delicious recipes for sustained weight loss and vibrant health
Année : 2016

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Introduction. “I had been overweight for many years, mostly from my unhealthy eating habits. Eat Fat, Get Thin appealed to me because the instructions were easy to follow. “My results were miraculous. I have lost over 23 kg. I was an insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic and was able to get off of diabetes and blood pressure medication on the fourth day. My A1C after two months on the program was 6.2, which was lower than during the 15-plus years on medication. My heartburn was gone on day one. My blood pressure has been well within normal range, sometimes lower. I no longer suffer from stiff and achy joints and have not felt this good since I can’t remember when. I feel like I am in my 30s again, and I’m 68 years old. My family and friends cannot believe the huge transformation.” - Joanne S. I’ve seen thousands of patients just like Joanne- people who have tried countless diets and exercise plans, yet have been unable to achieve their health goals. That’s because typical diets don’t work. I know that might sound crazy, but hear me out. Typical diets combine calorie deprivation with tasteless foods, which is a recipe for failure. It’s simply too hard to keep cravings at bay when you feel deprived and aren’t enjoying the food you do eat. Sugar addiction always seems to rear its ugly head, causing people to fall off the wagon. The problem with most diets is that they lack the key ingredient that actually makes food taste good and cuts your hunger: fat ! This is what makes the Eat Fat, Get Thin Plan different from other diets. It’s not about deprivation or bland foods; it’s about eating foods that nourish the whole body, while making your taste buds happy and fixing the hormones that make you hungry and gain weight. Decades of brainwashing have left many of us afraid of one of the body’s most necessary nutrients. I can’t tell you how many patients I’ve had to coach, using baby steps, to eat coconut oil and avocados, or how many people have come to my house and been horrified to see me blending grass-fed butter into my coffee. I understand these responses, since I, too, had fat phobia at one point. I spent years eating a low-fat diet and recommending it to all my patients. The idea of promoting fat, especially saturated fat, in a healthy diet seemed outrageous. It’s not hard to understand where this fat fear came from. For years, doctors, scientists, the media, and even our government told us that eating fat causes weight gain and heart disease. These two myths, based on a few faulty studies, started a huge war on fat. Fats were soon replaced by carbs, sugar, and chemicals (“low fat” is usually code for “high sugar”), leading to one of the worst disease epidemics of all time. Type 2 diabetes in the UK has doubled since 1996, and researchers estimate that five million Britons will have diabetes by 2025. ...

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