Jacke Dave - Edible forest gardens Volume 1

Author : Jacke Dave - Toensmeier Eric
Title : Edible forest gardens Volume 1 Ecological vision and theory for temperate climate permaculture
Year : 2005

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Preface. This book defies easy categorization. Is it a gardening book? An ecology text for teachers and students? A visionary testament? A manual for hard core ceodesigners and back- to- the-landers? A manifesto for the next two centuries of agroforestry research and breeding work? It is all these and more. I know all too well the benefits and drawbacks of wide skills and interests, broad knowledge, and integrative, cross-discipline thinking. While such attributes can be exciting, illuminating, holistic, and even healing, pulling it all together and trying to take it somewhere useful can get maddening at times. ...

753 lectures

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