Author : Kano Jigoro
Title : The principles of Jujutsu
Year : 19*

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There is in Japan a Kano school of painting, and there is a Kano school of jujutsu. Jigoro Kano, Director of the Higher Normal School of Tokyo, is the founder of the modem improved school of jujutsu, which he has renamed-judo. Professor Kano, after twenty·.seven years of patient study, and the constant expenditure of his private means, has as a result, more than ten thousand actual pupils and hundreds of thousands of indirect ones now, including many Eura. peans, Americans and Chinese who have studied with teachers trained by Kano himself. His central gymnasium in Tokyo, called Kodokan, was incorporated in 1909, and Kano himself endowed it with ten thousand yen, so that this wonderful institution might be able to continue to reconstruct, for that is what it really does, the moral and physical nature of the Japanese youth, without its founder's personal attention. ...