Kemerly Tony - Snyder Steve - Taekwondo grappling techniques

Authors : Kemerly Tony - Snyder Steve
Title : Taekwondo grappling techniques Hone your competitive edge for mixed martial arts
Year : 2009

Link download :

Taekwondo’s History as a Foundation for its Grappling Techniques. The history of the Korean martial art Taekwondo is questionable to say the least. Multiple histories of Taekwondo exist. The history described simply depends on the individual telling it. One of the more dubious histories of Taekwondo is the Taekkyon Derivation History. The Taekkyon Derivation History holds that Taekwondo is the direct descendant of the Korean folk game Taekkyon. Taekkyon and sport Taekwondo do share some similarities such as a penchant for circular kicking techniques, the palms for pushing the opponent, and well-developed leg jams, sweeps, and leg traps. Taekkyon all but disappeared at the start of the 20th century because it was linked with crime and vengeance and was therefore shunned by the Korean people. This version of Taekwondo’s history still persists due to the fact that Taekkyon is a uniquely Korean martial art with no outside influences. This is an important factor for the extremely nationalistic Korean people. However, Taekkyon didn’t resurface publicly until the 1970s, many years after Taekwondo was in existence. Despite the desire for a uniquely Korean history, the veracity of this version of Taekwondo’s history remains questionable at best. ...

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