Koike Steven T. - Vegetable disease A colour handbook

Authors : Koike Steven T. - Gladders Peter - Paulus Albert O.
Title : Vegetable disease A colour handbook
Year : 2007

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Preface. If there is blight or mildew on one’s crops, what is one to do? The topic of diseases that damage and kill plants is hardly a new subject. For as long as humans have foraged for, grown, traded, or eaten edible plants, disease-causing organisms have been present and exacted their toll on quality, yields, and consumer satisfaction of these commodities. Impacts of plant diseases on the lives of people range from the nuisance of losing a few plants in one’s garden, to significant economic losses to a farmer, and finally to widespread famine due to extensive crop losses in a region. Throughout human history, devastating crop losses have sometimes resulted in subsequent loss of human life and disruptive migrations of the inhabitants. Humanity’s dependence on healthy crops and reliable sources of food, therefore, transcends all barriers of culture, nation, and time. We all need to eat and to feed our children. ...

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