Lakhovsky Georges - Lakhovsky oscillating circuits

Author : Lakhovsky Georges
Title : Lakhovsky oscillating circuits
Year : 2010

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We will not take the topic from the beginning because it could be long… To start with OC, you can’t understand if you don’t read : L'oscillation cellulaire, 1931, Gaston Doin et Cie – Lakhovsky. Les Circuits Oscillants Servranx F & W. Arkologie magazine When you read these books, you know so many things as us on the OC. What we would want that you know about the oscillating circuits and which is important : build it by yourself. It is not very difficult and that will avoid you loosing your money with not always reliable reproductions. An oscillating circuit consists of a thread of isolated copper, which is not linked at the extremities. Once you know this, it is not difficult to build an OC. The insulation wire must be with clear color, not dark (the colors you can use are listed in “La revelation”). Lakhovsky used first OC made with copper, after he used copper + silver and at the end several metals. But remember it is better a simple OC made with copper than nothing and you can obtain very good results only with this metal which is very good for a human being. ...

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