Author : Lowell Frederick Paul
Title : Jiu-jitsu
Year : 1942

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Introduction. The origin of jiu-jitsu-translated roughly as "the soft or gentle art"- is usually attributed to the Japanese, as it was from Japan that it was introduced to America, and for a long time the Japanese have been its chief exponents. Going back in history, however, one learns that this art of unarmed selfdefense originated in China; although it is sometimes claimed that its origin was India and that the Chinese learned it from the Hindus. However that may be, we know that long before even such weapons as the spear and the arrow were in use, primitive man defended himself as best he could by the use of his arms and fists, his legs and body, and his powerful teeth. Through the millenniums his tactics have been refined, until now we have jiu-jitsu, the art of self-defense practiced by civilized man. ...