Lungwitz Anton - The complete guide to blacksmithing

Author : Lungwitz Anton
Title : The complete guide to blacksmithing Horseshoeing, Carriage and Wagon Building and Painting
Year : 1902

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Without doubt the most thoroughly reliable handbook of horseshoeing is the German textbook of Professor Lungwitz, director of the Shoeing School of the Royal Veterinary College at Dresden. The conditions in Germany are almost identical with those in this country, and the Shoeing School superintended by Professor Lungwitz may safely be regarded as the best in the world. Certainly there is none like it in the United States. But Professor Lungwitz's discussion of the anatomy of the horse's foot is too technical for the ordinary reader, and his book gives no suggestions on the elementary principles of blacksmithing, which are prerequisites of any attempt at shoeing a horse. To make the present handbook complete, these directions have been added, and the text of Professor Lungwitz's book has been somewhat condensed and simplified. Moreover, a chapter on carriage-ironing, with other general information, has been added. that the manual may be thoroughly practical and as complete as possible. It is certainly true that every owner and driver of horses, as well as every person who professes to be a horseshoer, should have a thorough knowledge of the horse's foot and the requirements in the way of shoeing. But how many do! Even farriers know no more of the horse's hoof, and the scientific requirements for obtaining the best results in any given case, than they have been able to pick up in the exercise of their trade. This kind of knowledge is notoriously imperfect. It will never improve. And owners and drivers are for the most part so ignorant that they could not tell a front foot from a hind foot, or tell the difference between a job of shoeing that would make a horse lame in a week, and one that would cure the same lameness in even less time. And this ignorance costs the owner many a hardearned dollar. No better investment can be made than a little time spent in the study of the horse's feet, by the help of a really scientific manual. But it is better not to study any book at all than one that is unreliable. It is believed that the present volume will meet the popular need better than any other that has yet been issued. The authoritativeness of anything from the pens of Professor Lungwitz and Mr. Adams is uiiimpeachable, while the publishers have given the volume a practical character which must inevitably appeal to the common sense of the average reader. ...

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