Author : Anonymous
Title : MG-42 SA Owner’s Manual Belt-Fed Semi-Automatic Rifle
Year : 2006

Link download :

The MG-42 SA is a highly complex and sophisticated system that requires knowledgeable operators. Full and complete adherence to the following instructions is an absolute necessity for safe and responsible use of the MG-42 SA. This system is NOT meant for anyone other than individuals knowledgeable in the safe operation of belt fed systems and who have a thorough understanding of semiautomatic and automatic firearms. If you are not such an individual you pose a danger to yourself and those around you by using this system. The following MG-42 parts and accessories will not work with the MG-42 SA : Bolt Carrier. Trigger Housing and Internal Trigger Housing Parts. Short Recoil Assembly. Firing Pin and Guide. Cocking Handle. Mainspring. The following MG-42 parts and accessories will work with the MG-42 SA : Belts and Belt Drums. Slings. Sights. Ejector. Ejector Rod. Complete Bolt Head Assembly. Bipod. Barrel. Buttstock. Buffer. Feed Cover and Feed Tray. ...