McLemore Dwight C. - The fighting tomahawk

Author : McLemore Dwight C.
Title : The fighting tomahawk
Year : 2004

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Preface. I cannot guarantee that what you find in this book is authentic tomahawk and long-knife techniques of the 18th and 19th centuries. To date I have found no individual manual or text that qualifies for this honor. All that can be said is that more than 180 hours of full-speed assault practice and countless hours of research went into this text. I have explored many first-person interviews and accounts of the American colonists and colonial militia engagements with the Indians, as well as journals from the French and Indian Wars and the accounts of assaults on various forts of the period. Late medieval and Renaissance manuals were also consulted to form the protocol for techniques that may have migrated to America during the period of exploration. When one considers authentic historical fighting methods, the bottom line is that we are all just guessing. We didn’t live in those periods and therefore didn’t actually see or experience the hazards that everyday living brought. Much of the training then was far different than the task-organized methodologies of today’s soldiers, law enforcement officers, and martial artists. Training systems as we think of them today did not exist. Particularly on the frontier, much of the training was passed on through word of mouth, personal notes, or observation. Sometimes this was as simple as a grandpa explaining to his grandson the difference between chopping wood and splitting a skull in self-defense, or as complex as practicing reloading a muzzleloading rifle on the run. Where there were gaps in my research, I attempted to fill in with logic and commonsense applications that I think a person of those times would have used when preparing to defend his family in the wilderness. My focus for this document is heavily oriented to those areas east of the Mississippi River. The use of the tomahawk in the American Southwest is a subject for another book. The Web sites cited were current at the time of publication. Dwight C. McLemore May 2004. ...

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