Meyl Konstantin - Scalar waves

Author : Meyl Konstantin
Title : Scalar waves Part 1 - 2 - 3
Year : 2003

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Preface to the lecture, 1st Edition 1996. The theme encloses the electromagnetic compatibility of both technical and biological systems. Only part of the electromagnetic wave can be considered for function troubles, namely the part that was absorbed and has rolled up to a vortex. The activity depends on the number of created vortices and of their lifetime, their decay. The eddy current only manifests in conducting materials. In the air and in dielectric materials on the other hand the vortex of the electric field will form, also called the potential vortex. To calculate and to measure this vortex is our goal. First we'll carry out a survey of the problems and the usual methods. From the analysis of unsolved problems the need for the introduction of the new vortex phenomena is deducted and an adequate field-theoretical approach will be chosen. Afterwards the potential vortices are calculated and their properties are discussed and interpreted. For the purpose of proving their existence, on the one hand the Schrodinger equation will be derived and on the other hand the quantum properties of the most important elementary particles will be calculated and compared with the well-known measured values. Measurement and calculation are in excellent agreement for weight, charge, magnetic moment and spin. So the theory not only proofs it's correctness, in addition it demonstrates it can achieve much more. The theory takes us to the unification of the wellknown interactions and physical phenomena and shows itself as an unified theory. In the practical conversion and usage of the theory there will not only be informed but by all means also be provoked as an entrance in a fruitfully discussion. Fundamental questions will be taken up like: What is information, energy, temperature or smell? The connection to the theme of the electromagnetic environmental compatibility is formed by the technical and the biological usage of the potential vortices, the energy transmission of Nikola Tesla exactly like the in a similar way functioning nerve conduction. Here we already can expect biological reactions. This lecture, held for the first time in the winter semester of 1995/96, is available in book form, as an edition belonging to the lecture. This lecture will not deliver ready recipes or instructions. The goal is reached when the critical sense of the listeners and readers has been inspired and discussions have been set going. Everybody has to draw the consequences out of such a theory by him- or herself. In addition to this lecture a seminar is offered, wherein several themes are supplemented or deepened, different theories are compared and possible consequences are discussed. The appearance of an edition belonging to the seminar has started in 1998. Regarding the conversion of consequences both politicians and scientists are equally addressed, because the electromagnetic environmental compatibility has developed to one of the most urgent problems of today's world. But in last consequence all of us bury the worldwide responsibility for our environment. ...

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