Morse Robert - The detox miracle sourcebook

Author : Morse Robert
Title : The detox miracle sourcebook Raw foods and herbs for complete cellular regeneration Revitalize every system of your body Maximize the healing power of nature Cleanse toxins Heal the causes of disease
Year : 2012

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Introduction. Welcome to a fantastic journey into vitality. Health is one of our greatest assets, and many refer to the body as a temple, or a vehicle that carries around the true Self while we’re on this planet. However, we often treat our cars better than we treat our bodies. The information contained in this book was not taken from double-blind studies, from misconstrued facts and figures of treatment agencies, or from “bought-and-paid-for” scientific research. I wrote this book based on thirty years of self-experience, and from clinical observation of thousands of patients who used my programs to overcome their toxic conditions and diseases. Basically, we have two choices to make when we develop a condition or disease: Treatment or Detoxification. If we choose treatment, we have two additional choices. The first choice is allopathic (pharmaceutical) medicine, which is the status-quo medical or chemical approach. The second choice is natural (traditional) medicine, which uses products made from natural sources or herbs to treat the symptoms. If we choose the allopathic approach to “fight” our disease, it is important to understand that allopathic medicine offers only three types of treatment for any condition: chemical medicines, radiation or surgery. Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money developing drugs and training medical (allopathic) doctors in how to use these chemical medicines in the presence of disease. But, “curing” the disease (in the sense of removing its cause, not just its symptoms) is not a part of this type of thinking. Diseases are incurable in the allopathic approach—which is a totally a “treatment”- based modality. Chemical medicines are used for everything from simple headaches and fevers to degenerative conditions, like Parkinson’s disease or cancer. The second form of treatment in allopathic medical procedures is some type of burning or radiation. This is used in most diagnostic procedures (Xrays, for example) and some treatment procedures, especially but not limited to cancer. ...

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