Mulder Jay Dharma - Simply Ayurveda

Author : Mulder Jay Dharma
Title : Simply Ayurveda The philosophy of life & health
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The quality of knowledge. Many students of Ayurveda might wonder, ‘Why on earth is another text on Ayurveda necessary ? Surely the market place is flooded with books dealing with exactly the same subject ? The etiquette of this philosophical work however, is to avoid repetition and to deal with concepts and philosophies not elaborated in the Ayurvedic literature to date. Such discussions are for the sole purpose of understanding the intricacies of clinical Ayurveda. The clinic may be your home or you may be a professional practitioner. However students beginning Ayurvedic studies will need to have a few Ayurvedic texts on hand to establish a general knowledge base to build from. (See the list on the back page) Ayurveda relies on the greats of the past, the saints, devotees and healers whose knowledge of life (Ayurveda) has been handed down since time immemorial. This knowledge never changes; the foundation is the same as it was over 2400 years ago in the days of Caraka muni and Susruta. In 2009 we accept as truth, a vast array of medical knowledge, yet every now and then that knowledge is turned on its head and rolled in the dust. Any honest scientist or medical professional would agree that a volume of unlimited pages could be compiled listing the upgrading of medical science in different departments. There is always an entire process of improvement; therefore we must conclude that this knowledge, although vast and wondrous, is nonetheless partial, and therefore incomplete. That imperfect knowledge constantly requires revision and re-calibration. That type of knowledge system is a little transient, like a mirage in the desert or the end of the rainbow. The process of discovery and learning is necessary and valid but it reveals an imperfect system. And of course in the twenty first century we have the harsh reality of business and money over humanity and culture. ...

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