Nakae Kiyose - Jiu jitsu complete

Author : Nakae Kiyose
Title : Jiu jitsu complete
Year : 1958

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Publisher's Preface. I have known and admired Professor Kiyose Nakae for many years. He is considered the foremost instructor of authentic Jiu Jitsu in the western world. His students come from all over the world to New York City. To receive private lessons from him you have to put yourself on a waiting list and his schedule is so crowded that you may have to wait a year or two for your first lesson. Professor Nakae has spent most of his life teaching Jiu Jitsu to Americans. When he first arrived in this country some fifty years ago he was hired to teach his skills to police departments in all parts of the land. Professor Nakae knows thousands of tricks. From his boyhood he was drilled in the methods of the old masters of the Jiu Jitsu art. In nearly fifty years of teaching, he has boiled his system down to a compact group of tricks which comprise a complete method of self-defense and which are the easiest and most practical to learn. The dubious tricks that don't work-and which are found in so many of the books that have appeared on the subject-are not in these pages. The tricks in these pages work : each and everyone. This alone makes it a unique product ! It is one thing to teach Jiu Jitsu in private lessons. It is quite another to teach it with a book. Only because of Nakae's deep understanding of his science and his unequalled teaching ability has such a book become possible. Books on the self-defense arts are usually illustrated with cartoons or photographs. Professor Nakae and Charles Yeager examined these and concluded they were of little value when it came to practical learning. ...

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