Authors : Nicholas L. G. - Ogamé Kerry
Title : Psilocybin mushroom handbook Easy indoor and outdoor cultivation
Year : 2006

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This book is dedicated to the many mycologists who helped to uncover the secrets behind the life cycle of these little m ushrooms. and to the Mazatec peoples of Mexico. who have for centuries protected. nourished. and handed down the ceremony. knowledge. and wisdom they reveal. We would also like to thank Kat for having so generously agreed to produce a new Psilocybe cubensis life cycle illustration. Her bea utiful artwork illuminated the pages of the book that germinated our mycological careers. and it is a great honor to have some of that same light grace our own little book. Finally. we would like to tha n k Mellea R. Miliaria. our little honey mush room. for her keen photographic eye. patience. and beauty. Without her unwavering support. this book would surely never have fruited. ...