Peng Kun - Anonymous Communication Networks

Authors : Payton Theresa M. - Claypoole Theodore
Title : Anonymous Communication Networks Protecting privacy on the Web
Year : 2014

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Anonymity in Network Communication. Anonymity is a fundamental right of a democratic society. In most democratic nations, anonymity is very important and the laws and government regulations have been set up to protect information privacy in every aspect of society including the fast-developing computer and communication network. Users’ anonymity is one of the most important requirements to information privacy. According to the Privacy Act Regulations 3, anonymity is an important property in applications of network communication. Due to wide application of IT and network techniques, user anonymity in network applications has become a critical challenge of security of our society, especially in areas like finance and terrorism and crime prevention. According to the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner, the number of complaints and enquiries about anonymity remains high 1 and IT and Internet issues have become very important 2 in recent years. There are various motivations for this. Many participants of network applications like e-finance, e-commerce and e-health want to conceal their activity and identity so that their personal privacy can be protected. In some other applications like e-voting the participants do not want their identities to be linked to their activities. In all these applications, anonymity has to be implemented although their requirements for anonymity may be different. A complicating factor is that computers and computer networks make it quite easy to maintain and distribute digital information. Millions of bits can be transferred without error, stored, and analyzed in seconds. People are aware of the potential danger of this information processing power and are afraid of losing control of their personal data in both their private and business lives. Yet, their behavior is often inconsistent with that fear. ...

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