Authors : Plyler Danny - Seibert Chab
Title : The ultimate mixed martial arts Techniques for fitness, self defense & competition
Year : 2009

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The history of mixed martial arts. For thousands of years, the thrill of seeing two athletes engaged in martial competition has garnered our attention as human beings. Spectators and audiences love to see two competitors fi ercely vying for supremacy, each trying to win the match and achieve victory. We become fascinated by the personal stories of the fi ghters, cheering them on as they test their strength, endurance, and skills against an adversary. Today, we’re witnessing the evolution of the combative arts. Singular arts have been combined and transformed into the newest and fastest growing sport in the world: mixed martial arts, or MMA. The quickest and easiest way sum up this electrifying sport is that it is an integration of Olympic boxing, Olympic wrestling, Olympic judo, Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Fighters go all out for anywhere from fi fteen to twenty-fi ve grueling minutes of hand-to-hand combat, pushing their minds and bodies to the limit. ...