Schoffro Cook Michelle - Be your own herbalist

Author : Schoffro Cook Michelle
Title : Be your own herbalist Essential herbs for health, beauty, and cooking
Year : 2016

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Foreword. As clinical herbalists and founders of the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, we find Michelle Schoffro Cook’s book to be in alignment with what we are facilitating in our company and practice: teaching people to be their own herbalists. This concept appeals to us in many ways: It takes the power of healing away from external entities and puts it back into the hands of each unique being to create their own story of health. It fosters the confidence to trust the body’s innate wisdom in working with the therapeutic properties that plants have to offer. Most important, it allows the body to work within the natural scope of what Mother Nature intended, thus limiting the need for man-made, isolated chemical compounds in the form of pharmaceuticals and highly concentrated extracts. Foreign to the body’s natural systems, these can create harmful side effects and addictive patterns. We view the path of wellness as a way for each person to create their own adventure and design their unique lifestyle. Once a person is empowered with natural health knowledge and information, they can decipher what the best possible health choice is in any given moment. In a world full of health trends, it can be difficult to sort out what is what. Going back to basics and looking at what has healed people time and again throughout history and across a multitude of indigenous cultures brings tried-and-tested validity. By comparison, our modern allopathic medicine system is very young and limited in scope. There is an important place for both herbal and modern medicine in the world. In this book, Dr. Cook clearly demonstrates the complementary nature of plants as health allies. Through our lifelong journeys of understanding health and wellness, we have come to recognize that what comes from the earth harmoniously aligns with our bodies, also of the earth. In Be Your Own Herbalist, Dr. Cook not only explores traditional uses of herbs but also gives credence to current applications, skillfully weaving traditional herbalism with proven modern scientific methods. She offers up-to-date, scientifically validated findings of successful uses of plant medicine. ...

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