Author : Shiodo Gozo
Title : Dynamic Aikido
Year : 1968

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Preface. The object of this book is to provide an introduction to aikido which can be used as a text book by beginners. The techniques described have been selected from those used in everyday practice at the Tokyo Yoshinkan, and they include the essential basic movements. Every effort has been made to present a simple classification of the techniques and to describe them in straightforward, easily understandable terms. However, as with all the Japanese martial arts, there are many points in aikido which cannot be adequately explained with words and photographs; so while this book can never satisfactorily replace a qualified teacher, it is hoped that it will provide a useful supplement to personal instruction. I should like to express my appreciation to Seishi Terada, Takashi Kushida, Kyoichi Inoue, to all the instructors at the Y6shinkan who appear in the photographs as my opponents, and to those students who also gave their time and energy. I am also indebted to my seniors and the directors of the Yoshinkan for their help and advice in the planning of this book. Lastly, I should like to thank Geoffrey Hamilton for writing the English translation of this book and for compiling the section on practical application. GOZO SHIODA. ...