Shiodo Gozo - Total Aikido

Author : Shiodo Gozo
Title : Total Aikido The master course
Year : 1996

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Translator's introduction. July 17th 1994, the day that Yoshinkan founder Gozo Shioda Sensei died, was the end of an era. As weU as being a recognized master, Gozo Shioda was also one of the last living links between the present generation of aikidoka and the prewar aikijutsu training of Morihei Leshiba Sensei. It is no exaggeration to state lhat in watching Shloda Sensei on the mats, we were able to have a glimpse back into history to a time when aikido was still having to prove itself as a fighting art, not yet having gained the recognJtion and respect that seems so natural to us today. ...

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