Sill Sterling W. - The laws of success

Author : Sill Sterling W.
Title : The laws of success
Year : 1975

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The law. Some time ago, I heard the report of a discussion that had taken place between a university teacher of political science and a businessman with a strong religious avocation. The political science teacher said that politics and government should be the most important influence in our lives. The businessman, who had also had some political experience, said that his first allegiance was to the church. Then there was some discussion about priorities of these two great areas in our lives and where one's primary allegiance ought to be placed. The political science pointed out that good, solid government is the real basis for success in every field, including religion, for no activity prospers in the face of misrule, disorder, or anarchy. He noted that freedom of religion and real worship cannot exist at their best without righteous government, and even one's own personal devotions, his personal security, and his peace of mind can't proceed very far until he gets his basic politics straightened out. We know of many situations in which political persecution has destroyed the functions of religion, or a political leader has said to those seeking redress of grievances, "Your cause is just but I can do nothing for you." ...

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