Thomas Michel - German vocabulary course

Authors : Thomas Michel - O’Dowd Marion
Title : German vocabulary course
Year : 2007

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Introduction. Willkommen ! Welcome, to those of you who have completed the Michel Thomas German courses and Language Builder and to those of you who are about to experience a uniquely exciting way to learn and improve your German ! My name is Rose Lee Hayden, and I had the distinct privilege of working closely with Michel Thomas for several decades, in particular, teaching what he referred to as his ‘second phase’ language courses. This ‘second phase’ built upon the structural knowledge of the language that Michel Thomas so brilliantly provided in his foundation courses. As Michel Thomas himself often said, ‘I built the house, but it is up to you to decorate it !’ And decorate it we shall in this Michel Thomas Method: German Vocabulary Course that reinforces and expands on what you have already learned having completed the Michel Thomas German courses. And for those of you who have not done these courses, I urge you to do so. You will be surprised at how painlessly they will teach or reinforce your German and will introduce you to a unique method of language learning. At the outset, let me stress what this course does not attempt to do and how it may differ a little from your previous experiences with the Michel Thomas German courses. First, this course does not and cannot re-teach the original courses, but rather builds directly on them. Therefore, you may wish to review and keep reviewing your Michel Thomas German courses and Language Builder to re-familiarize yourself with structural items and basic vocabulary previously introduced by Michel Thomas. Second, it is important to state that learning vocabulary is not the same as learning structure, even though this course teaches vocabulary the Michel Thomas way. ...

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