Training handbook of the american underground

Author : Anonymous
Title : Training handbook of the american underground
Year : 1982

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"AMERICAN UNDERGROUND"- Is this the name of a new organization? Is it politically to the right or left? How can the term be applied to any activities presently within the United States? "Underground" is generally defined by most dictionaries as: "A secret organization fighting established govemment or occupation forces." Two hundred years ago, many "underground groups" were in existence to fight for the cause of freedom. Members of one well known fratemal organization met, conspired, and perpetrated the act of dumping the tea into the Boston harbor. This is but one example of many "underground activities" of that time in history. Since that time, and particularly within the last few decades, various groups and organizations have come and gone. Usually served by a biased new media, these groups came into existence as a vehicle to fight what their leaders and membership considered to be paramount of the social ills at hand. Although having their own identities as to enemies to fight, they usually centered around govemmental activities that have resulted in unbelievable taxations and encroachment of personalliberty. These underground groups have existed largley as small autonomous organizations with their leadership confined to their local area. Tries at national leadership have been made with varying degrees of success. No one leader has yet reached the level of omnipotence. Perhaps this is largely due to the quality of the general membership. Proponents of individual freedom seem to be the last to be motivated by herd instincts. The more professional underground groups have had membership training programs of varying degrees. The training lessons reproduced in this manual have been in existence for many years and have been modified and used by several groups. The original authorship remains unknown, although lauded for originality in ability to compile a complex subject matter into a correspondence course. ...

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