Valizadeh Daryush - Bang

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Bang
Year : 2007

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Prologue. It started in the spring of 2001. I was 21 years old and spent my free time on the computer reading message boards or playing games. I had no skill with women and the ones I knew either used me for my brain to tutor them or as an emotional tampon to feel better about the guys who didn’t take their shit. I remember thinking how stupid the other guys were to treat such pretty and nice girls so poorly. Didn’t they realize those girls will eventually get angry and stop talking to them? My friends were unsuccessful with women too, so we all reinforced our lack of skill during all-night games of Risk or poker. I wanted to get out of that cycle but felt I had little control to make a change. I observed other guys and concluded that success with women was a skill you were born with. Then there was one girl in my organic chemistry class that I started to like. She was Persian and the same age as me, with long curly hair and olive skin. We would study together in groups and I could have sworn that she was giving me extra attention. I analyzed the situation with my nice guy friends and we concluded that she did like me as more than a friend. After a couple weeks of hesitation, I finally asked her out on a casual date to the movies. She said she couldn’t because she was very busy. Weeks later, I saw her around campus holding hands with another guy. Instead of listening to lame love songs like I usually did, for the first time I got angry. A lifetime of frustration and of not getting what I wanted became focused on that one girl. I was bitter that I, a nice guy, was getting passed over for guys I thought were losers. So I started to ignore her. If I did end up talking to her, I’d cut our conversations short. When she asked me to study I’d lie and say I was studying alone, only to have her stumble upon my study group late at night in the library. I started feeling good for treating her poorly. I hated her and everything she stood for, which was my failure with women. But then something interesting happened. She started making a strong effort to gain my attention and favor. It was as if the harder I pulled away, the closer she would come to me. That was the first time I understood that changing my behavior could affect how girls reacted to me. Soon it became clear that interacting with women wasn’t very different from the games I played with my nice guy friends, where changing tactics and strategies yielded different results. At about the same time, I happened to click on a random link within a business forum and stumbled onto something called Tony’s Lay Guide. It was the best accident of my life. That guide had basic tips on how to approach women, how to talk to them, how to kiss them, and how to have sex with them. I immediately printed the entire thing in case the site went offline. To me it reinforced the idea that you can learn how to get better, that you aren’t doomed to a life of infrequent sex just because you weren’t born a natural. I studied that guide for two months before I actually did anything. In May 2001, I approached a girl for the first time in a line of a club. I talked to her for half an hour and got her number, to the surprise of both me and my friends. It was probably beginner’s luck, but that first success sold me on the idea that studying game was a worthy cause. That’s usually how it starts for most guys getting into the game: a random discovery followed by a first success or initial high when they do something they’ve never done before. ...

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