Valizadeh Daryush - Compliment & cuddle

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Compliment & cuddle
Year : 2011

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Introduction. In May of 2010 I realized that I had serious problems when I banged yet another girl only two hours after meeting her. A life of casual sex was making me a mere shell of a man, increasingly incapable of real human emotions like caring, empathy, and most importantly, true love. I had become nothing more than a machine for thrusting its hips into women of varying shapes, sizes, and colors—a mindless animal driven solely by the prospect of sexual adventures. It was time to make a big change. For the next month I thought back to my college days, when three lovely girls let me be their friends. They gave me permission to help them with their studies, buy them small food items from the cafeteria, compliment their beauty, and most importantly, cuddle. There was no sex between me and those three girls, but there was meaning and true connection. They told me about all their desires, their ambitious career goals, their life problems, and the men they were dating who treated them like trash. Looking back, the relationships I had with those strong women brought me to within an inch of happiness bliss, yet I let it go to fuck dozens and dozens and dozens of women, with nothing to show for it but stories of wild sex and STD scares. I decided to change gears and adopt a new game based on complimenting and cuddling. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much happier I am today. Sure, I have seen a 99% decrease in sexual activity, but just like investing in the stock market, time is needed to see rewards. Sometimes a lot of time. I’m super confident that a firm commitment to complimenting and cuddling will give me all the sex I want when a great girl comes to the decision that I’m her best option and not Mike from the club who doesn’t have the decency to text her back in a timely manner. Unfortunately, I’ve created a lot of damage with my fuck guide Bang, an evil resource that has sold thousands of copies across the world. It has irrevocably changed men from complimenting cuddlers to pump-anddumpers. God, please forgive me for this great sin I’ve committed against mankind! I don’t even want to estimate how many girls have had their vaginas ravaged and abused by men who weren’t completely sincere in their affections. I’ve made the world a worse place, but while there’s absolutely nothing I can do to erase the damage caused upon god’s magnificent feminine creatures, I can control what I do from this point on. Therefore, I’m pulling Bang off of the market. The contents of that book will no longer enable men to crush the flowery petals of the glorious Western female. I feel like I’ve come a long way since embracing my human side and can barely recognize the sexually active man I once was. There’s an easy test to discover if you’re also a true human being instead of an automaton: do you uncontrollably sob while watching The Notebook? I rented it last month and nearly choked on my tears. If you watch The Notebook and don’t cry your fucking eyes out, you’re not a real man, period. A real man is not one who fucks a lot of beautiful women with the minimal amount of effort just to get fleeting pleasure of an orgasm that shoots semen all over a girl’s body or face, or even one who “plays the field” to ensure getting his nut for the night. No, a real man harnesses his sensitive emotions to prevent harming another soul. If every man on Earth wanted to just fuck, either in their home country or abroad, what type of world would that create? It’d be a sad, sick world, and I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. It’s no accident that my Netflix queue is now filled with movies such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Runaway Bride, The Bridges Of Madison County, and Brokeback Mountain. Different man, different movie interests. ...

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