Valizadeh Daryush - Day bang

Author : Valizadeh Daryush (Roosh V)
Title : Day bang
Year : 2011

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Introduction. When I got in the game in 2001, I focused exclusively on bars and clubs. The only times I approached outside those venues was on the street after last call on mostly drunk girls who would simply ignore me. I admit that back then I needed both alcohol and loud music to help me with my approaches, especially the latter, which would soften the silences caused by my weak conversational skills. It took me a couple of years to start figuring out night game, and during that time any success I had was a big deal, a validation of all the energy and money I spent on going out several times a week. Even a little make out would be something worthy of patting myself on the back for. The end was justifying the means. Until it no longer did. I hit a plateau with the quality of girls I was able to get in bars while noticing hotter girls walking around during the day instead of hanging out at the same night venues I frequented. I also noticed that I was inadvertently developing two different games: one for getting laid and another for bitching out cockblockers and stupid girls. I was spending a considerable amount of energy not even trying to score but dealing with bad attitudes. At about that same time, I started spending a lot of time in coffee shops. I didn’t just go for a half hour—I’d stay for long four or fivehour work sessions. As long as I went to a coffee shop that was crowded, there was always an opportunity to chat with a cute girl who was alone. I immediately picked up on something interesting: girls in coffee shops were five times nicer than girls in the clubs. They were respectful without insulting me and our conversations weren’t interrupted by fat friends or random drunk people who were trying to fuck up my approach. I loved how coffee shop girls were already isolated and more open to having a chat, so I began to be more mindful about finding girls during the day. Even though I was having lots of chats with girls at coffee shops, I wasn’t getting numbers. A few minutes in, the girl would politely step back from the conversation. I wasn’t sure why. My strategy up to that point was simply duplicating my cocky night game. Without any bangs to show for it, I put day game aside, not realizing that an entirely different game was needed. I went back into the night trenches, becoming more hardened and bitter in the process. A chance conversation changed everything, and is the reason you’re reading this book right now. I started a chat with a Moroccan girl in a coffee shop by asking her what book she was reading, talking about it for at least five minutes. I wasn’t being cocky and besides a light joke here or there, I didn’t display any of the qualities that usually got me somewhere with girls at night. In my head, I got on myself for having such a boring, low-energy chat, imagining that she was thinking that I’d just woke up from a several-hour nap. Eventually I made an offhand comment about visiting Venezuela for ten days, which she inquired about. Then she asked for my name and next thing I knew she was basically interviewing me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the “boring” chat I had with that girl was actually the optimal conversation for day game. The first piece of the puzzle was laid right before me, but it wasn’t until five years later that I felt confident enough to teach this game to other men. While I’ve brought in some of the features that made me successful at night, I forced myself to reinvent everything and start with a clean slate to build the best game possible. Through good old trial-and-error and hard work, I developed a model that I believe is the best way to meet attractive women outside of the nightlife scene. The system you’re about to read has not only worked consistently for me, but men who I’ve taught in my day game workshops. My experience and theirs will soon become yours. The truth is that almost every instance of day game I’ve seen in the wild has been absolutely horrendous—so bad that it pained me watch. Bad game affects my sensibilities much more than the average guy, to the point that I’d rather watch a 100-man anal gang bang without condoms than listen to a guy open with, “So, do you got a man?” If you apply only half of what I’m about to teach you, you’ll have blown away 98% of guys who have ever approached during the day. I’m not kidding. I may not be able to say that at night, where the standard of game is much higher, but during the day—a time where guys are either too scared to approach or don’t know how—just using my openers will set you far apart and get your foot in the door more often than not. Throughout this book I’m going to make the assumption that you have a basic grasp of game, that you’ve done some approaches, gotten some bangs, and have a strategy for how to date women. If not, I strongly recommend that you read my book Bang. While mostly focusing on night venues, it offers a complete approach-to-sex framework that will also apply to girls you meet during the day. In addition, it includes a text messaging guide for getting dates. I’ll briefly touch on text messaging here, but if you need more in-depth instruction, refer to Bang ( ...

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