Vimla V. - Advances in diet therapy

Author : Vimla V.
Title : Advances in diet therapy Pratical manual
Year : 2009

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Preface. As the incidence of diet related disorders is on the rise, the field of diet therapy is becoming increasingly important. Manipulation of diet in several disease conditions is considered to be essential for clinical management of diseases for reducing drug dosages or even to arrest the disease progress. Therapeutic modification of normal diet involves planning of therapeutic diet individually for each patient as the nutrient requirements vary from patient to patient. Hence a standard diet plan for a particular condition no more holds good. This has brought about a tremendous change in the role of dietitian in hospital diet care setting and made her an indispensable member of the medical team. Several professionals may be involved directly or indirectly with the nutritional care of people. However, registered dietitians are the only professionally educated group whose primary care and concern is the application of nutritional science to the health care of people. To make dietitians professionally competent and excel themselves in clinical setting, as students they need to be trained thoroughly in individual patient care. Numerous textbooks and journals are available in the field of nutrition and dietetics to attain theoretical knowledge. But students who are specializing in dietetics should be trained to handle practical situations in hospitals. To attain hands on experience, this type of practical manuals in dietetics are not available so for. As a teacher and expert diet counsellor, with an experience of 30 years, I have tried to evolve a suitable practical manual with basis as well as advances to gain hands on experience by dietetic student. I acknowledge various sources of textbooks, journals and hospitals which have contributed immensely for the development of this manual. I am also extremely indebted to Dr. M.V. Rao garu, the then Vice-chancellor of Archarya N G Ranga Agricultural University for encouraging to take up this work. I also thank our postgraduate students of nutrition -ANGRAU (Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University)- for being a source of inspiration for this outcome. I hope this manual will be extremely useful for upcoming teachers, students of dietetics and dietitians. V. Vimala. ...

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