Author : Watanabe Tadashige
Title : Shinkage-ryu Sword techniques Volume 1
Year : 1993

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Tite Founder-KamiIzumi- Ise-no-Kami. Kami-Izumi-Ise-no-Kami was born in 1508 as the son of the lord of Kami-Izumi castle (located in present day Kami-Jzumi, Maebashi city, Gumma Prefecture). At th is lime in history, the feudallords of Japan were embroiled in a leadership conflict and this period is referred to as "The Era of Warring States" (Sengoku-Jidai - ca. 1480 - ca. 1570) As the son of the lord of a castle born in such turbulent times, from childhood he devoted his time not only to academie studies, but also to the practice of Zen and training in martial arts. ...