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dimanche 5 mars 2017

Ramirez Yann - Du free fight aux arts martiaux mixtes

Auteur : Ramirez Yann Ouvrage : Du free fight aux arts martiaux mixtes : sportivisation, violence et réeception d'un sport de combat extrêeme Année : 2015 Lien de téléchargement : Résumé : Véritable phénomène de société, le mixed martial  […]

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dimanche 26 février 2017

Taekwondo technical terminology

Author : Kukkiwon Title : Taekwondo technical terminology Year : 2012 Link download : Preface. Commemorating the publication of Taekwondo Terminology... March 1, 2012. Dear Members of the Taekwondo Family. Since the Kukkiwon was founded in 1973, the Taekwondo  […]

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mardi 27 décembre 2016

Rutten Bas - Bas Rutten's mixed martial arts workout book

Author : Rutten Bas Title : Bas Rutten's mixed martial arts workout book Year : 2004 Link download : Welcome to the Bas Rutten Mixed Martial Arts Workout ! Boy, are you going to love this, or wait a minute, maybe not. Either way, if you  […]

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Rooney Martin - Ultimate warrior workouts

Author : Rooney Martin Title : Ultimate warrior workouts Fitness secrets of the Martial Arts Proven training techniques from around the globe Year : 2010 Link download : Foreword. For nearly one hundred years, my family has been involved in martial  […]

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Plyler Danny - Seibert Chab - The ultimate mixed martial arts

Authors : Plyler Danny - Seibert Chab Title : The ultimate mixed martial arts Techniques for fitness, self defense & competition Year : 2009 Link download : The history of mixed martial arts. For thousands of years, the thrill of  […]

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McCarthy Patrick - The bible of Karate Bubishi

Author : McCarthy Patrick Title : The bible of Karate Bubishi Year : 1995 Link download : Foreword by Li Yiduan. Deputy Secretary General, All-China Athletic Federation, Fuzhou Branch Vice Chairman, Fuzhou Martial Arts Association. With a breadth  […]

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Link Norman - Chou Lily - The anatomy of martial arts

Authors : Link Norman - Chou Lily Title : The anatomy of martial arts An illustrated guide to the muscles used in key kicks, strikes & throws Year : 2014 Link download : Introduction. Welcome to The Anatomy of Martial Arts: An  […]

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Kuhn Reed - Fightnomics

Author : Kuhn Reed Title : Fightnomics The hidden numbers and science in mixed martial arts… and why there’s no such thing as a fair fight Year : 2013 Link download : Foreword. There really is no such thing as a fair fight. The first time this realization punched me in  […]

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Dimic Mickey - Mixed martial arts unleashed

Author : Dimic Mickey Title : Mixed martial arts unleashed Year : 2009 Link download : Introduction. The purpose of this book is to teach the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), which involves boxing, kicking, striking, wrestling, and grappling, to fi  […]

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Delp Christoph - Muay Thai training exercises

Author : Delp Christoph Title : Muay Thai training exercises The ultimate guide to fitness, strength, and fight preparation Year : 2013 Link download : Preface. started kickboxing at a fairly young age. In the course of my training back home I got  […]

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